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Solving complex problems through design and innovation.


Our process builds beautiful products with utility and focus.


We use the web, mobile apps and emerging technology to bring new ideas to market.


Creates meaningful design for the common good.




Guiding Principles

  • We approach projects with a set of core values. These principles keep us focused on producing work that is useful, innovative and meaningful to users. We rely on data, user input and best practices, not on trend.

  • Our clients are leading humanitarian organizations, philanthropies, tech innovators, universities, and social enterprises who tackle the toughest challenges of our time and champion those who have been left behind.

  • Successful product innovation is rooted in care for real customer needs and how to meet these in the most effective way. 

    We work through short cycles of development, focusing (relentlessly) on what matters to customers, where our client's business can have the most impact, how to make smarter use of technology and business capabilities.


Let’s tell the stories that matter:

>   event &model management

​>   brand management & Identity

​>   advertising, fashion and design

​>   online promotions

​>   product placement & database providers

​>   product launches

​>   general publicity

​>   viral and email marketing

​>   brand and personality profiling



  • We channel our clients' voices and values, create compelling narratives, and make complex information accessible. Online and off.

  • We have a reputation for excellence. We’ve won significant awards, received recognition from prominent publications, and been featured in exhibits around the world.

  • We care about the culture and practice of our clients’ organisations. Made by Many works in partnership with some of the world’s best companies: we learn from them, they learn from us. The end game is to use the experience of making products together to create new capabilities, build brands and strengthen your market position.

Good design is good business.

From mobile apps and websites to enterprise-grade systems, we apply our expertise across multiple platforms and screens. We work collaboratively to develop products that people want to use and share.

We help our clients take on the challenge of rapid change in markets and technologies by creating brilliantly successful digital products and new ventures.


We’re a company of designers, engineers and strategists, all experienced and multi-talented people, used to working closely with the client team, capable of dealing with uncertainty and equipped to reach solutions faster.

That balance of skills enables us to act as a trusted product strategy and execution partner. We’re able to invent, prototype, launch and scale new products that people love to use and that fit with business objectives. 

We’re very good at helping big companies act as nimbly as small ones.

yOUR Art

yOUR Way

"Panache"Creating, rejuvenating, repositioning brands.

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