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Panache Politico PR

Agency Panache is a media planning and buying partner that provides matchless strategic solutions on behalf of your political campaigns.

Panache Politico PR provides winning PR strategies for political candidates. Call us today at +1.(518) 888-1156 / +91.9654954549 to learn how we may be of assistance to your political campaign. Our firm offers effective reputation management and crisis communication consultations to organizations across the political spectrum. We are party-agnostic — we stand behind our clients with the goal of helping them succeed.

Common Political PR Practices

Public relations and politics remain closely knit in today’s campaigns, with candidates hiring extensive PR staffs or working with PR agencies. Here are a few of the common practices that almost all political campaigns use.

  • Spinning

  • There’s almost always information to spin in political public relations. Spin can involve the presentation of particular facts that support a candidate’s position and discredit an opponent’s opinion. It can involve downplaying a mistake or making an apology or denial. Spinning often includes misdirection or diversion in an attempt to keep the reputation of a candidate intact.

While spinning may sound dirty, it’s commonplace in political campaign strategies. Many political debates feature a “spin room” where campaign leaders try to use the media to spin the outcome in their favor. Campaign officials often appear on news outlets and conduct interviews intent on spinning.

  • Platform Messaging
    All candidates have a platform, or a set of beliefs and goals they have for the office they’re pursuing. The platform serves as the base for all messaging. Candidates often put out policy papers or give speeches related to their platform. A strong platform of core tenets and beliefs helps PR professionals spread the word.
    A universally used form of platform messaging is the “stump speech.” This standard speech is developed for candidates to hit on their basic beliefs and reasons why they are running. This speech is repeated often at campaign events with slight variation, allowing more and more voters to hear the same message based on the same platform.

  • Media Relations and Engagement
    For any political candidate, media exposure is critical in a lot of ways. It allows a politician to reach a large audience, especially one that can be targeted to improve standing. Public relations professionals are often charged with organizing media engagements and ensuring that their candidate’s public profile stays strong.
    This is especially helpful when a campaign is trying to target a particular subset of voters. If a candidate is struggling among younger voters, an interview with an outlet particularly popular among youth might be an idea. If a candidate is attempting to court a particular geographic area, appearing on a regional television or radio show can be beneficial.
    Due to the influence it has with voters, public relations is among the leading political campaign strategies.


Digital Public Relations
Social media and the Internet have added a new layer to public relations and political campaigns. Candidates need a social media strategy to keep them in the minds of voters. For example, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been creating easy-to-share social media posts to describe her student loan policies. Candidates are paying more attention to bloggers as a part of their media engagement strategy. Social media and the digital space will continue to be of critical importance to the PR strategies for campaigns.

Political Candidates and Their Advisers

PR Strategies come in many forms. Some are more successful than others. When you work with Goldman McCormick PR, you’re hiring an experienced team of professionals. We work directly with candidates and their political advisors throughout the election cycle; from the time prior to announcing their run for office as well as during the campaign. In addition, we make ourselves available to them even after they’re elected. After all, PR strategies for political candidates are just as important even after they’re in office.

Our 360-Degree Approach

Every successful political campaign is different from the rest because they were effective in showing how their candidate was different from the rest. This is a fact that many public relations agencies for political candidates miss. Panache Politico PR considers every aspect of a campaign: the candidate, the issues, and the voting public.


We build a solid PR strategy that encompasses the whole while focusing on each of its parts:

•    The candidate’s values and political platform.

•    The needs of the constituents and how the candidate will fulfill them.

•    What this candidate offers that the others do not.

•    Establishing and showcasing the candidate’s support base.

•    Defining and reinforcing the candidate’s branding.

•    Reputation management.

•    Pro-active approach to resolving a crisis immediately rather than after the fact when it is more of an issue.

•    Communication Is Key

•    YouTube Videos 

•    Campaign Management 

•    Content Planning & Execution 

•    Live Marketing Programs 


Quite frankly, many political candidate PR agencies do not place the proper emphasis on effective communication. There are several layers to this, and each is key:

•    Communication between the candidate and their various support teams: define the message and drive it home.

•    Communication between the candidate and voters: get the message out.

•    Communication amongst the support teams: work together as a united group to drive the ball to the end zone.


We Represent Your Best Interests


When it comes to political candidate public relations agencies, at Panache Politico PR  we put our egos aside to focus on the best interests of our client. We are pleased to work as part of a larger team, or take the helm to help drive your message in ways that will generate maximum impact. We can leverage our established relationships with mainstream and independent media sources on our client’s behalf.


This includes interviews with the candidate during:

•    Local talk radio programs

•    Regional newspapers and magazines

•    Popular internet forums

•    Online news programs, forums, and focus groups

•    Podcast talk show programs

•    Television news programs

•    Television talk shows

Political Advertising Agencies

Political advertising agencies use technology-driven strategic decisions, to be able to communicate with all stakeholders. Panache Politico PR recognizes the evolution of political campaign advertising to this new age of sleek advertising, which is creative, engaging and powerful. We attempt to build a political party in a way that it is as captivating as any other popular brand promoting itself in the market, as long as it sends the correct message. It is not just an election advertisement, but a brand image that will take the political party a long way.

Political campaign management

Political campaign management is not just about promotion a political organization, but about maintaining a relatable image of the same. The paradigm shift from traditional methods of political advertising to now a prodigal activity is fast-changing and in today’s political scenario. Digital marketing for political campaigns is also very crucial as most of today’s generation lives behind screens. Panache Politico PR is one of those political marketing firms that understand the importance of both traditional advertising and digital political advertising to reach the widest possible audience. Get in touch with us today to know about what’s best for your political organization.

Panache Slugline PR


We may not be the biggest political PR firm in United States and India but are quite possibly the most innovative political PR agency that has single-handedly revolutionized the landscape for political PR in United States India. Backed by our immensely gifted creative team and associates network spread across the country, our unique, targeted and original political PR campaign ideas can contribute towards the success of your political campaign.

Our political PR strategies are said to be of the quality that only the best Political PR Company in India can offer and includes Print Media management, Electronic Media Management, Speech Writing, Slogan Development, Content Development, Campaign Material Design, Development and Printing, Jingles Development, Videos Production, On-the-ground Surveys, Competition Intelligence, Online PR, Social Media Management, Political PR on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and much more!

If you want a political PR agency that can deliver results, move fast, break barriers, create disruption, capture attention of your voters through data driven insights and come up with ideas that are out-of-the-box, we could be of assistance!

We can tell your story in a way such that it has more impact. Adapt it to suit different audiences. Move fast. And deliver results. 

Panache Politico PR Statement


It's a fact of life: nothing makes one successful as exposure in the media. An exciting buzz about you, your party, your agenda and deliveries. A feeling that things are about to happen, and that you're at the center of it, creating waves. Above all, it's the feeling that you are the candidate with a vision for an exciting future and can deliver real results. Strategic publicity can do real wonders and win you votes!

And nobody is better at generating that attention than Agency Panache Communications, one of the top Political PR Agencies in India.

We muster 90+ man years of media relations expertise to put you in the spotlight when and where it will do the best, TV channels, print newspapers and magazines, social media -- Agency Panache has the most aggressive go-getter team of political consultants, political PR professionals and publicists who are guided by the insights into the political landscape from the best of country's political analysts and political journalists and leverage upon the extensive network of media contacts than any other Political Public Relations firm in the business, and some of the broadest range of Political PR experience, having served high profile candidates from almost every national party, successfully.

Agency Panache offers the full spectrum of Political PR services including Print Media Management, Electronic Media Management, Speech Writing, Slogan Development, Content Development, Campaign Material Design, Development and Printing, Jingles Development, Videos Production, On-the-ground Surveys, Competition Intelligence, Online PR, Social Media Management, Political PR on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and much more. We deliver quality and quantifiable results.

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