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Founded in early 2010, The IPG Panache® is now one of the world’s leading screenplay and story analysis companies, backed by major entertainment companies.Our script consultants have significant industry credentials, writing script coverage for companies and studios including Paramount PicturesWarner Bros.Universaland many more. Working with screenwriters, authors and filmmakers of all levels and from myriad locations, we also deliver intensive training both online and offline. While our OVERDRIVE and Talent Connector programmes hone and promote writing talent to the industry, our popular blog – Character-Driven – educates, informs and entertains. We believe that rigorous script development is the foundation of great cinema and TV and is, indeed, essential – without it, the end product is certain to fail…


Movie Scripts

Whether you need a screenplay writer for the Hollywood or Bollywood industries, The IPG Panache has the talent you need to complete your next world class screenplay or treatment.

The IPG Panache is a bridge between the American and Indian film industries. From indie budgets to major studio jobs we will provide the appropriate Hollywood writer or Bollywood writer for your project.

We have screenplay writers to handle a variety of budgets. Utilizing resources from two continents we can provide the most cost-effective solution for a Hollywood writer or Bollywood writer. We also provide script consultant services for screenplay writers looking to cater to either or both markets. Please enquire for specific details.

We believe that collaboration between screenplay writers from around the globe will lead to stronger cinema that will appeal to global audiences, and have gathered a roster of working artists who can realize this vision. Our unconventional approach has been hailed as "the first platform in history" that brings together writers from different markets.


Whether you have written dozens of film scripts, or are a first-time screenwriter, movie screenplay coverage is an integral step in getting your project noticed, read, and eventually, picked-up. THE IPG PANACHE SCRIPTS film script coverage can help you get new eyes on your screenplay. If you need some advice before a re-write, want professional feedback, or are trying to find opinion, THE IPG PANACHE SCRIPTS has you covered.

With THE IPG PANACHE SCRIPTS movie screenplay coverage, you will get constructive suggestions from experts in the film business about what works (and what doesn’t) in your script, in order to take it to the next level.

Your film script may be a few changes away from becoming a must-read, and deserves to be seen by an expert who has given opinions on hundreds, if not thousands, of movie screenplays.

THE IPG PANACHE SCRIPTS provides movie script writers and film producers an industry-standard film coverage report summarizing aspects of the screenplay, including a rating, logline, character synopsis and storyline breakdown. We offer guidance on the best way to enhance the film screenplay. Movie production companies and film studio representatives appreciate the time-saving summary our screenplay coverage reports provide.

Your movie script will be read by our seasoned film screenplay readers, who will send you a 6-8-page screenplay coverage report within 14 days or less.

THE IPG PANACHE SCRIPTS will supply you with film script coverage that is both essential and constructive, pointing out where your movie screenplay warrants more work, to give it the best possible chance of getting seen by key people in the entertainment industry, including agents, producers, directors and investors. THE IPG PANACHE SCRIPTS’ screenplay coverage readers have worked with a few of the finest and greatest studios and agencies in the film industry.

Finishing your movie screenplay is only the start of its journey. The next and critical step is to get it read by an impartial film script expert, who can evaluate your work, and tell you where its strengths lie. These same film script readers will provide constructive criticism that, if used, can only perfect your screenplay.

You simply get one chance at a first impression. It makes sense to show your film script to a screenplay specialist who is worked in the industry for a long time. Get industry-standard screenplay coverage from our experienced readers to ensure your script is prepared to make the Hollywood rounds.

All readers at THE IPG PANACHE SCRIPTS have signed a rigorous and complete non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. Rest assured that your content will not be shared with anyone. 



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Inter-public Panache Scripts is the first – and only – story analysis organisation in the world to sign up to independent, impartial, specialist reviews websites in order to allow its clients to publicly reveal what they think of the company’s products and services. 

IPG Panache is a driving force in the media industry with a diverse portfolio of strong brands that entertain and inform audiences through great storytelling and compelling content, reaching millions of people around the world every day.

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